Hi! I am Paramjot Singh I am a mechanical engineer interested in using open source tools to derive meaning from data.



I work at Gamma Technologies where I help engineers at Ferrari, BMW, Ford, US Air Force and many others design better vehicles. I do that through developing and supporting GT-SUITE, a powerful system-level simulation software, that allows our customers to evaluate their design ideas accurately before making any test prototypes. Please see my linkedin account if you are interested in learning more about this area of my work.

In my spare time, I learn and try to build things using open source tools. The powerful nature of these tools and the awesome community building them has kept my curiosity growing to understand data in useful and meaningful ways. All my work on this website is open source and available on Github. Please feel free to look through my projects. I would appreciate any critique and feedback.

From the Blog

data.table: Swiss Army Knife for Data Wrangling

While data.table is mostly praised for its speed (which is undeniable), I was impressed with its versatility as well. The ability to manipulate the data in variety of ways using an extremely compact syntax is second to none. Sure it needs a bit of getting used to but the payoffs are phenomenal. I …

Quizme Workflow With Autoquiz

In earlier posts I have discussed in detail the design philosophy and development of quizme and autoquiz. While quizme manages the core functionality (storing quiz data and schedule quiz sessions), autoquiz works as a front end enabling to run quizme from terminal in interactive mode. Here I show …

Autoquiz: A Wrapper to Run Quizme from Terminal

Quizme is an R package that allows you to create a personalized quiz repository and enables you to learn any material efficiently. Autoquiz is a simple wrapper script that allows you to run quizme directly from the terminal window. Here I discuss the advantages of running the tool from terminal as …